Custom Exhibition Clothing

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What is custom exhibition clothing?

Custom exhibition clothing is garments that are specifically created for an exhibition of event. These clothes are designed and manufactured to carry the event branding or booth/corporate branding.

Why is custom event clothing a good idea?

It is a good idea as it allows the branding to communicate the key colours or messages. The Adobe Summit is one of the best examples of exhibition branding.

It is a good idea as it helps identify the brand or exhibition staff. If it is a large exhibition like the Adobe Summit, then it allows the public to know how to ask for help and provides authority. Being an official and having an event uniform can really help manage the public and presents an increased level of respect.

Ideas for your custom exhibition clothing

If you are looking for clothing that can be re-used often and remain presentable for longer, then we'd recommend a polyester technical fabric custom polo shirt. We regularly provide custom hoodies and jackets to exhibition companies.

If you expect your event staff to attend a few times and be very comfortable, then a cotton pique or cotton jersey could be a better choice.

Are you looking for Exhibition Stand Ideas?

If you are looking for ideas, then there are sites like for custom exhibition stand ideas. Consider them for your stand and Custom Sportswear for your event clothing.