How to design a great Netball Dress for your club

So you've been tasked with designing your own Netball Dress, but where to start?

This article covers our top tips and recommendations when designing your netball dresses.


  • Using colour
  • Considering the design
  • Which materials
  • Bib colour
  • Dress Length
  • Neck finish

How to use colour in your Netball Dress Design

Colour is your club's identity and sometimes these colours might not be your first choice, but nonetheless, they are the colours, so now you need to consider the combinations of those colours to provide a flattering design.

Consider the Dress design

Given a choice, it is often best to use dark colours through the middle of the dress. Using colours in this way will draw the eye away from areas that make players conscious of their shape and bodies.

Using brighter colours to the edges of the dress as they will distract from the mid-section.

Include branding to the edges as this can run down panels.

Choosing the right material for a Netball Dress

If you are using reputable Netball Kit Suppliers in the UK or overseas, they should have access to a few fabric options. These may vary in price. We recommend a 180gsm Eyedroplet Fabric, but we do also use a Fabric we call S-Spire, which is lighter, 165gsm. Both these fabrics are polyester, so they are colour fast and will not fade, like cotton-lycra.

Netball Dresses need to be figure-hugging without being too clingy. You need fabrics that can hide lumps and bumps but provide stretch to allow for movement, bending and pivoting during a game.

Neckline - This can make a design or look feel more modern o