What is Sublimated Sportswear?

Sublimated sportswear has been through the sublimation process, which is the application of a printed design onto the base fabric. The process requires heating to bond the pigment to the fabric permanently.  What is the process for sublimating clothing?  The process for sublimating clothing is as follows: Design is created The base fabric is printed…

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Does mindset matter in sports?


Mindset does matter in sports, and in this article, we will explain why. We will also give examples of how you can improve yours, along with tips and tactics that all work to support and help develop your mindset.  First, we will start by explaining what mindset is; if you are unfamiliar, it refers to…

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How to design a great Netball Dress for your club


So you’ve been tasked with designing your own Netball Dress, but where to start? This article covers our top tips and recommendations when designing your netball dresses. Including:  Using colour Considering the design Which materials Bib colour Dress Length Neck finish How to use colour in your Netball Dress Design Colour is your club’s identity…

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Add Supporting Corporatewear

Add Norfolk was a charity support network for anyone affected by ADHD /ADD in Norfolk (including grandparents, adults, and teachers). If you have found this page and are looking for help, then please go to: ADHD Norfolk > Click to visit official website < What is Corporate Wear? Corporate wear was traditionally clothing like jackets…

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Custom Exhibition Clothing

We are corporate clothing and event clothing suppliers If you are looking for the Anchor Pub > theanchormorston.co.uk What is custom exhibition clothing? Custom exhibition clothing is garments that are specifically created for an exhibition of event. These clothes are designed and manufactured to carry the event branding or booth/corporate branding. Why is custom event…

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