Custom Socks

We knit socks made to order in minimums of just 24pc. We also supply sock styles available in 12pc. Request a quote and presentation to see your personalised team socks.

4 week lead time

12 to 24 pc minimums

Fantastic customer service

Online since 2003

24 + colours

Let us help you design your own custom team socks. Our experienced team will talk you through options and costs to help you achieve the look you want

Why choose us? 

  • Quality fabrics
  • 20 years in the industry
  • Established factories
  • Fast delivery
  • Small team, great service
  • UK based


Custom Sock Designs


Custom Team Socks

Finish your look with bespoke team socks. High quality knitted polyester socks with Euro foot and team name options. A superb way to


Bespoke Socks

  • 3 foot finishes
  • 4 sizes choose from
  • 2 fabrics to suit your club
  • MOQ just 12pc per stock design
  • MOQ just 24pc per bespoke design


Custom Hooped Socks

We supply all types of sock from hooped cuff to full hoop and panelled designs too. Check out the designs and look and feel the part when you step onto the pitch in our Euro sock, custom socks. Designed for your club, a variety of customisations include design, foot, and hoop. Speak to us to get the very best Bespoke sock designs for your club. 

Personalised Socks

  • Choose colour
  • Choose foot finish
  • Choose design
  • Choose quantity
  • Choose fabric

What now? 

Get in touch for your free sock presentation. Provide details of your club colours. Once submitted, we will acknowledge your enquiry and then either chat with you or get straight on, typically returning designs in 24-48 hours. We will then work with you to refine the design in your vision before quoting and ordering. Find out about the order process here

Delivery 4 weeks or less (Confirmed with quote, as peak times may vary)

40% on placement

An online Shop is *available to help with orders

Online shops can be set up if there is time to do so and the club order exceeds £1500 in total expected order.