What is Sublimated Sportswear?


Sublimated sportswear has been through the sublimation process, which is the application of a printed design onto the base fabric. The process requires heating to bond the pigment to the fabric permanently. 

What is the process for sublimating clothing? 

The process for sublimating clothing is as follows:

  • Design is created
  • The base fabric is printed
  • Fabric is cured through heating 
  • Then, panels are cut out
  • Stitched together 
  • Finishing

Do Sublimated Jerseys fade? 

No, sublimated Jerseys do not fade. The reason for this is that ink is applied and then cured under heat, bonding the ink to the very fabric of the material. The base fabric requires polyester content, and the dye is permanently bonded to the fibres of the material. This prohibits fade and means garments can last a long while. 

Do Sublimated Jerseys shrink? 

No, it is unlikely that the sublimated jersey will shrink. This is because they are made from fabrics that include polyester, which reduces shrinkage. Cotton and some poly-cottons will shrink, but sublimated garments will typically retain their shape unless washed above 40. Then you might see shrinkage, but that is because they are almost melting at these temperatures. 

What are the benefits of Sublimation? 

There are a number of benefits to Sublimation. These include being colour-fast, having fewer seams, and being made from robust modern fabrics. They respond well to sweat and carry graphics, so they can be much more striking than a traditional sports garment. 

Six Benefits of Sublimation

Colour-fast - Holds colour, tends not to bleed dyes. 

Fewer Seams - Helps with comfort and strength/longevity.

Stronger fabrics - Keep their shape for longer. 

Easy to clean - You can clean polyesters without stains affecting fabric in the same way as cotton. 

Look striking - The garment can accept any visual design that the designer can comprehend, so the possibilities are limitless. 

Decoration - Sponsor logos can be applied to the main design, so with colour-fast print bonding, there is little chance of peeling, cracking, or other issues that face heat transfer on some sports garments. 


What team sports use sublimation? 

Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Athletics, Badminton and Athletics Teams commonly choose sublimation as a solution because of the flexibility. 


Rugby Teams - Typically use Sublimated Rugby Jerseys.

Netball Teams - Love to use Sublimation for Dresses and Shirts.

Hockey Teams - Most use Sublimation on Shirts and Skorts, with dresses.

Badminton Teams - Like the flexibility of Sublimation for their members.

Athletics Teams - Often use Sublimation on the light performance fabrics for their shirts and vests.

Teamwear - Any team that chooses team clothing printed with multiple logos could consider sublimation because it becomes cost-effective with three or more logos. Team Tracksuits can be an ideal garment, as shown above.

What we have learned

That sublimation is a fantastic way to create a strong look for your club sportswear. It is a permanent solution, which provides an impressive graphic clothing design that is long-lasting. 

We have learned that the application is completed on polyester fabrics, which is essential to the process.