Custom-made Polo Shirts

If you are looking for custom-made polo shirts, then our bespoke polo shirts are the perfect solution for your club. We have a selection of traditional and super-technical fabrics available in various colours and weights. If you are looking for a soft feel, and colourfast production we can help - Drop us a message using the form on this page and our design team will provide you with a quote and some full-colour designs for your club or team.


Custom Polo Shirt Suppliers

Design your own custom made Polo Shirts

We are a Polo shirt manufacturer based in the UK, and with over 30 years in the industry, our team of Polo shirt designers can help your club to design your own

Ladies custom polo shirts

An order can be made up of men's, ladies and kids' sizes in any combination to make up your order. Our lady's polos can be ordered, with contrast hood lining. If you would like a pouch or zipped pocket style, they are optional when you build your own hoodies.ld like a pouch or zipped pocket style, they are optional when you build your own hoodies.

Men's bespoke polos

All our hoody styles are bespoke and allow you to choose the build detail, and perhaps you are looking for a ribbed cuff or maybe elastic? One of the more modern solutions is an open neoprene cuff. Please ask our design team to help you choose the right options for your budget and sport.

Custom children's polo shirts

Few companies offer fully custom designs in children's sizes. We can manufacture our hoodies from 3-4 years up to 5XL. Our children's hoodies are modern styles boasting exceptional build quality and attention to detail.